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How to choose an outdoor Bluetooth speaker?

2023-05-07 14:29:59
How to choose an outdoor Bluetooth speaker?

1. Look at the strength of the manufacturer. As we all know, there are all kinds of Bluetooth speakers on the market now. If you accidentally choose a product without treatment guarantee, you will not only lose dozens of dollars, but also seriously affect the good mood of listening to songs. Therefore, when purchasing an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, you must see whether it is a Bluetooth speaker produced by a regular manufacturer.

2. Sound quality. Outdoor Bluetooth speakers are firstly used to listen to music, so good sound quality is its core, and then its additional functions are considered. If the sound quality of an outdoor Bluetooth speaker is good enough, I believe that for people who really like good music and good sound, the appearance is not beautiful and unique, and the functions are not so many and it will have little impact. On the contrary, even if the appearance is unique and the functions are diverse, if the sound quality is too poor and uncomfortable to listen to, then this outdoor Bluetooth speaker has lost its main value, and other functions must not be used for long.

3. Battery capacity. Friends who often travel outdoors like to be accompanied by music. If the Bluetooth speaker runs out of battery just after leaving the house, it will definitely be a troublesome thing. Therefore, the battery capacity of the Bluetooth speaker must be large enough, so that the music can continue to travel without motivation.

4. Features. First of all, outdoor Bluetooth speakers must be waterproof. Anti-drop is very important. Playing outdoors will inevitably rain, and the waterproof level depends on their standard IPX level 1-10. The higher the better, whether there is a certification certificate, etc.

5. Let me talk about a problem that people don't pay much attention to, that is, the Bluetooth chip. This is also very important, but most people don't understand it and don't pay attention. The chip is related to the performance stability of the product and the quality of the sound.

6. The volume level. Here, everyone should pay attention to the skills of outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Don’t choose which one is small and compact. Everyone thinks that it is small and convenient to carry, but they don’t know that it is a tasteless one. There are many noises in the outdoor space. What kind of small speaker is useless at all, the sound is small, it is noise, there is no enjoyment to speak of, and the battery life is short. Therefore, when you buy an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, try to choose a speaker with two speakers and a bass vibration disc if the volume is acceptable. The sound is loud and the sound quality is good.